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Fun and effective fitness for all age groups and commitment levels. From Yoga to Boot Camp, we will find a class that puts you on a path to your true fitness potential.

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Richelle Melde

Richelle is a Holistic Health Coach and Certified Fitness Specialist and continues to learn every day to keep her client's up on the latest science.

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Losing weight and getting healthy can be difficult. That's why at Ultimate Body Boot Camp we get fit in a supportive environment where we kick ass together.

Body Lab®
personalized medical consult
Body Lab® is a individualized service where our registered physician and trainers build a nutrition and fitness plan just for you, derived from your own blood work.

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Body Lab®

Body Lab® offers a complete fitness and nutrition program that works together to give you the best and healthiest results. The plan is completely curtailed to your body and needs with an on-site physician and personal trainer.


  • Richelle Melde

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ACCOUNTABILITY: Friends don't let friends miss boot camp!

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Our Classes

Our Team

Dr. Richard A. Melde is a MD and MD(H)-Integrated and Homeopathic Medical Doctor. His approach to healing and health is to use natural, nutritional and integrative medicine to treat the cause of disease processes and therefore avoid pharmaceutical drugs whenever possible. Dr. Melde also has an interest in fat/weight loss programs for his patients.


Richelle Melde coaches and trains individuals for general health, longevity, weight loss, lean muscle gain, holistic wellness, hormone balance and sports performance, both from her physical location in Scottsdale as well as all over the world via online training and consulting. Richelle specializes in weight loss resistance related to food intolerance, stress and hormone imbalance.  Her understanding of functional exercise, nutrition and the body’s systems has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.


Keep up with everything Ultimate Body Boot Camp. 

Body Lab®

  • Body Lab® offers a complete fitness and nutrition program that works together to give you the best and healthiest results. The plan is completely curtailed to your body and needs with an on-site physician and personal trainer.
  • Lab Testing Consult
  • Physician Consult
  • Science, Medicine, Nutrition

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The greatest award is the way you look and feel after boot camp!


Ultimate Body Boot Camp

Get Ready to Look Good Naked

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On food prep days please bring your groceries,food container and knife with you.  The first meal prep day will be Wednesday, July 1st. 

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  • My weight loss journey…. I have been overweight my whole life. Always the biggest of all my friends. I have been told I would be so pretty if I just lost weight, bribed with new clothes if I lost weight, forced to weigh every Friday in front of a parent and made to join Weight Watchers in high school. (more…)

    Pam Kelk Before and AfterUltimate Body Boot Camp 6 Weeks
  • Dani Sweeny

    My experience with UBBC has been inspiring and life changing. For about 8 years I had been the “yo-yo dieter”. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, HCG, you name it I’ve done it and every time I would lose an extreme amount of weight, but only to fall back into my old habits and gain it ALL back plus some. (more…)

    Dani SweenyBoot Camp 6 weeks
  • When I started working out, again, with UBBC it was for everything on the outside. I was about to turn 40 and was ready to look fabulous. Then everything started to go haywire on the inside. I went from doctor to doctor for help and eventually I was diagnosed but I was unsatisfied with my options they offered me for treatment so I started to share with Richelle what was going on. (more…)

    Cyndi Coon before and afterUltimate Body Boot Camp 6 Weeks


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